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*whispers* brave


Niall and Louis amazed at their matching outfits 

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Koalas having an argument.

if you have never heard a koala noise before, here is yr chance

they sound like fuzzy bike horns

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Liam wrapping his hand in streamers and almost missing his line, 27/09

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You and I - 9/27

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zayn things: selfies

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On November 17th & 18th, the guys will be going to Universal Orlando® Resort and they want you guys to get involved. Some of you might even have the chance to join them!

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Part 1 of 8.

Word count: ~3 400

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Shall We Get Intimate Again (Zayn/Liam/Niall)


Shall We Get Intimate Again (Zayn/Liam/Niall)
3.2k words; rated m

Liam’s not the least bit surprised when he closes the door behind him and finds Zayn and Niall curled up together, still fast asleep. Niall’s wrapped himself around Zayn’s back, an arm slung over his waist and a leg hooked over his hip. There’s a tug in Liam’s chest at the sight of them. He’s missed his boys.

Or in which Liam doesn’t spend as much time with Zayn and Niall as they want him to while in Vegas, but they forgive him anyway.

A/N: First time writing any kind of OT3 fic, so hopefully it’s okay. Thank you to multishippinfool for the beta :D

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